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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year New Endeavors!

Hello! Thank you so much for visiting The Posh Event's Everyday Posh Blog! My name is Brigitte founder of The Posh Event Design Group! I am really excited as we expand. My sister told me almost 3 years ago "God probably didn't intend for a woman to give birth, go to school full-time, and start a business all at the same time." So my response to that...let's add getting pregnant, launch a website and a blog! Hey, bring it on! So yes, life is rather hectic right now, but I am so passionate about what we do and have so much fun doing it! I truly believe that you can "poshify" your life with some of the simplest of details, even if you are crazy busy. No matter if it's in the what you wear, how you decorate, what you eat, to meeting new people, and throwing great events. You should make everyday count and everyday posh! So I hope that you will join us for the ride and that you too will make your everyday posh!

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