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Monday, March 7, 2011

What a Week!

Ever have those weeks where it just seems like everything happens at one time? Last week we had one of those weeks. We started the weekend with a big snow storm and then our party for Yanna. Our cooktop in the kitchen decided to go out in style shooting out sparks and then refusing to turn off. (I guess if I was a cooktop, I would go out that way as well!) So with my father being here for the birthday party he and Dave took the whole thing apart and then found out that all of the parts for it were discontinued. So mama went shopping! Throughout the week we had continuous rain and temperatures in the 40's so our whole area flooded and was put under a state of emergency. This meant a week of detours for my husband and late nights. Only to come home to fresh Wendys!  We turned off the circuit breaker to the kitchen so we became very creative with cooking (ie. eating out). We went to the baby doctor on Wednesday to see if the baby would cooperate and reveal his or herself! Geared with excitement we watched and watched and now our doctor said that she is now 90% sure that we are having a girl (due to not seeing anything right now). The only thing being that two weeks before she was 90% sure that we were having a boy. Sooo....yeah...But hey, we at least know that our official date will be April 14th and the baby is healthy! On top of this, I have had some major pregnancy brain. Losing things, finding my cell in the refrigerator, doing a photoshoot of a bunch of new products for my shop only to find out later that night that I did not have my memory card inside of the camera! I had to laugh at myself quite a bit. This past weekend I woke up with an uncontrollable urge to do some demolition in the kitchen where the new cooktop would be going. So I started to tear apart the countertop to the point of no return. If you have ever met my hubby Dave, nothing upsets him...I mean NOTHING! This however, finally did! Ok, so granted we are expecting a new baby in a month, currently have been building the studio (I have new pictures!!) we had to deal with roofers putting on a new roof throughout winter over a span of 10 weeks (no, we do not live in a mansion) and we are running a shop while looking after our little Yanna. I think this was the final straw. He didn't want me to do too much work with being 8 months pregnant and took over my new project since he knew the cooktop was to be delivered on the 8th! We went out and purchased a new countertop and brought it back to install it together. He had quite a few cuts and bruises when this was all finished (I got by with a broken nail) but it looks great! I will have to take pictures! He is happy now, but I am feel that I owe him a super special dinner on the new cooktop!
What a crazy week! We are all still smiling and having a great time. So far so good with this week! I am in a super productive mood (this time without the destroying urge) so I think that we shall be good! I hope that you are all having a great day and that this week will be great for you!


  1. Goodness! That was quite the week. I'm glad you blogged about it. I'm also with a man who barely gets upset about anything. If more stuff bothered him instead of me, we'd be the world's happiest couple even more often.
    I hope your baby's sex is revealed before you give birth and you don't have to deal with any difficulties in that area. I know that makes planning for a baby's room so difficult; a friend of mine went through the same thing. Her baby girl now wears so much yellow, green, and brown. Cute, but ambiguous, lol.

  2. Haha! Thanks so much CeCe! Dave and I are so good with the fact that he is like a duck with water off of his back and I am the, well, not the same:-) It's so great to have that balance in our relationship. He has made me a much calmer person. Plus, I can then laugh about everything later:-)


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