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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fairy Princess Garden Party! Happy Birthday Yanna!

Today I am a mother of a 3-year-old! Where does the time go. When I asked Yanna what kind of birthday party did she want she said that she wanted "A Princess Fairy Garden Tea Party." Ok, specific..."And Mommy, don't forget about the cake!!" Right, Got it!
So pictures of grand cakes came up in my mind, but after just frosting the Mardi Gras cupcakes this week I had a whole new respect for those who do such incredible cake decorations! I am not a pastry chef, but hey I am a printable designer and wanted to come up with a way to decorate a cake with paper! So this is what I came up with for the party. My hubby baked the cake and cupcakes with Yanna for me while I designed and printed the printables. I have wanted to figure out dress boxes for some time now and putting fairy wings on them just made me all happy. So in the end we had an awesome time putting this together and the look on my daughter's face when it was all finished was priceless!

The cake was a standard white cake with cream cheese almond icing that was dyed green. Dave came up with the idea to dye the coconut for grass. So the cake and cupcakes themselves were pretty quick and easy to put together. Adding the printables took a matter of a few minutes to place onto the cake and cupcakes (that is, after they were designed). This would be a great project for the busy moms and dads on the go! I hope that you like it as much as my daughter!


  1. What a little SWEETIE!!! You did an excellent job. I love that your husband helped out too. My husband is always helping me with all my party craziness.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love the theme--so cute!

  3. Oh my!! That is SOOOO cute! Love the theme and how you put it all together--precious! Time does fly! My "little" girl is turning 13 next week! I miss dressing her in adorable little dresses and talking about make believe fairies....Sigh...They grow fast!

  4. Oh my goodness--this is adorable! I love those flower pot cupcakes. So whimsically perfect.

  5. Beautiful collection ... your daughter is so chunky and cute ... and those eyes! Absolutely adorable : )

  6. What a beautiful party. She must have been thrilled.

  7. Hi! Found you through blog frog and so glad I did! What a gorgeous blog! And I love your etsy shop! I have one, too and it's great fun!

  8. Absolutely adorable! She looks like she had a blast!



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