Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Money Money Money! Free Printable!

Yanna loves playing games like restaurant and shop where she will sell you something from her toy box. We decided to start teaching her about money and put out the money from her piggy bank. When we were done counting it both she and I had black fingers. Kinda gross. So I decided to leave the real money in the piggy bank and for real shopping and create this printable for her instead.

We have had a bunch of fun with it. When I decided to offer this on the blog as a free printable, I was thinking about all of the different things you can do with this. From math, to playing shop, or even as reward money. Pay them with this when they do something deserving of a reward that they can then cash in for something. Like going out for ice cream or maybe a toy? Plus the great thing is, if your kids lose or destroy the money, you can always print more! Got to love printables! Yanna had a great time gluing a number of hers all over her artwork!
Download your free printable here today and check out some of the other free printables!


  1. That kind of reminds me of when I was little. There was this fake grocery store playground for kids where they would go check-out their items, someone would work the fake register, etc. I remember it though I dont remember much else from then! She looks like she's having a blast

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