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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Ideas, New Set Up!

Happy New Year!!

WOW! What a year 2011 was!! I think that I have survived it! (I am still not sure, ask me in another week when this darn sinus infection is gone!) With the past few weeks being out of this world crazy, I mean like ,get ready to jump out of a window, crazy. I have had some time to re-evaluate what I want to do and how I want to do it. I have always been someone with a ton of ambition, when I come up with an idea it's a big idea and I come up with tons of ideas. It has always been my blessing and my curse. Mix that with the fact that I tend to have the attention span of a raccoon (oooooh! shiny new thing to do!) life can get pretty...interesting. I want to accomplish SO much, I want to try so many new things, learn so many new things, share so many new things, all while being a good mom, wife and shop owner. Lately it has just felt to be too much and I want this SO BADLY! So I have decided to step back a bit and reorganize. I need to get myself healthy and organized so that I can make this all a reality. Everyday Posh will be getting a little overhaul. I would love to show how every day can be posh, I believe that this is doable and plan on figuring this out! I love coming up with projects that people can do to add a little more poshness to their lives, but with this comes a lot of trial and error which can be hilarious to say the least. I myself am still a domestic goddess in training and do not have much help to figure these glorious ideas out all of the time especially with a baby on my hip. So I hope to share this all with you on here. What works, what doesn't works, what blew up and caught my kitchen on fire, what my husband just looked at, smiled and nodded and ate anyway...ya know. I am opening up to my imperfect perfect life to you. I hope that you will join me for this journey I am now embarking on and will contribute to it! I want to hear your ideas, suggestions, corrections and well, hopefully a bunch of encouragement! I will need it! 

I am going to be working on:
- getting organized while being a mom and business owner
- loosing the baby fat...holiday fat...ok, everyday fat (it just sounds better when you give it an excuse name)
- phasing into a more healthy lifestyle with the family
- coming up with new ideas and products for my shop and to share
- getting my new shop The Printable Shoppe finally launch!!! 

well so much more! Let me know what you think and join me!
New Year, New Ideas, New Set Up, New Successes!

Big Hugs!


  1. Good luck in all your endeavors! We can all use a little posh in our every day life!


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