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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Things that I wish that I knew before hand...

My dearly beloved husband in his attempt to make me more comfortable in my studio, fried my computer. My work horse computer that has made it possible to start a business at home and contribute to my family finances. Yes, my third baby. NOTE! Never plug a heater into the same surge protector as your computer!!
I called my computer guy and he pretty much laughed saying that that same thing happens all of the time. He explained to me that they would start by checking the power supply and replacing it. If it is the motherboard he would have to change the power supply and the motherboard. So I was looking at between $90.00 to $325.00 to get my computer back up and running.
Well, remember how several posts back I explained that I am a "I can do that myself" kind of gal? I decided to look up power supplies for my computer. Spent a night reading about them. Then spent a night learning about installation and Electric Magnetic Static safety precautions. I found a power supply on Amazon for 30.00! I felt like I was a ... genius! I waited patiently for the part to arrive and the day finally came! My husband was my moral support and forbidden to touch the computer. (I figured then I could only blame myself) I slowly began to take apart my computer. I mean what was the worst thing that could happen??
After a tense hour of what could only be described as watching a surgery on one of those medical dramas, I was done! Success!! I plugged everything back in and had a vomit bag waiting just in case I totally killed the machine. I turned on the power and TADA!! Everything started up and DID EXACTLY WHAT IT DID BEFORE. Nothing showing up on my screen. Siiiiiigh. Well, positive points...I didn't make it worse, I had successfully taken a computer apart and put it back together without passing out, and now I know how to replace a power supply.
I ended up having to go to the computer guy after all. He opened the computer up with no hesitation tilted it to the side and said, "Yep, your motherboard is busted."
Yes, he was able to tell within two seconds. He then showed me these little nobs coming off of the motherboard that were domed out. This means that they are bad. Well, gee! Would have been nice to know before I went through all of this!! Oh well, here is a picture of my computer as I was taking it apart. I zoomed in on the little dodads to show you. Maybe if this happens to you, then you can save yourself the time and just go straight to the computer guy.
I ended up purchasing a new computer and they spent two days transferring my data. I then spent another two days adding back all of my software and personal touches. I am glad to report that I am now back to business!

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