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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Candy Land Birthday Party

What a party!! After receiving the game "Candy Land" for Christmas my daughter was all about having a Candy Land themed 4th birthday party. We had so much fun with the planning of this party! We sent out invites to her preschool class in the shape of cupcakes like the ones on the game. The cupcake came out of the wrapper to reveal the invite.
Yanna and I got more excited as the RSVPs started to come in. The party was officially on! Although after getting involved in a number of other activities this month my budget for the party was significantly cut down for this party. So I knew that I would have to edit and really channel that DIY goddess from within. One of the best parts were the giant lollipops! We purchased some really fun donut shaped balloons from Party City and picked up some PVC pipe from Home Depot. We attached the balloon to the PVC pipe and wrapped it with cellophane and some ribbon. We made the base out of cardboard and tin foil. Our livingroom looked hilarious with 15 of these standing all over the place. It was awesome to see the kids faces light up when they walked in and saw lollipops bigger than they were! Each Lollipop ended up costing about a $1.00 a piece!
My mother-in-law Jane and my mother worked side-by-side assembling these party hats that I designed. They were so sweet on the kids! Although, I have to admit, they didn't last long on their heads! Especially on the boys!

I was really inspired by a backdrop that I saw on Pinterest for a flamingo party. I had the 4" circle die for my sizzix ready to go and punched out circles to my hearts content. Jane was then put in charge of putting them up onto the strings. She may still be seeing spots today and may never want to see one again! While it was a little tedious to put together it cost about a total of $5.00!! What a bang for the buck!! I used the Candy Land Font for Yanna's banner.

For food we did all sorts of things and one of the things that I learned about myself...I am not a baker! But hey, I am still learning in my quest of domestic goddessdome. My sister found an amazing bakery Just Baked and brought some delicious buttercream cupcakes. Jane helped me by putting together the cake so that we could decorate. While I was going to dabble in marshmallow fondant we used the M&Ms that we had sorted. It ended up going together quite quickly! I went back to one of my favorite things making chocolates! We did giant chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate covered oreo cookies, chocolate covered hearshaped marshmallows, and these amazing cake pops made with crushed Oreos!! The kids seemed to really love everything including the fruit!! We of course had to make rainbow fruit kabobs!
I am also really proud of the candy display. It was so easy. We tiered styrofoam that you would use for floral arrangements and made an arrangement of lollipops!
For activities we played musical sugar dots, gumdrop bowling (beware, boys also like using giant bowling pins to bludgeon each other with) we decorated cookies and played freeze dance. We tried to have them run off the sugar as much as we could! The parents loved me! I sugared up their kids and sent them home with more candy and noise makers!! They LOVE ME!! (Ok, you may want to say a few prayers and send some positive thoughts my way for all of the curses that may have been sent)

All in all it was a total success!! Granted next time I may hire a party planner and I will stick to the designing aspect to save some sanity. But I had such an amazing time for an amazing daughter, with my amazing family and friends!! Thank you so much I love you!

I will post some more pics soon with some tutorials on things like the backdrop, lollipops, display, and the song list that my sister put together with all candy related songs!!

As always, Stay inspired and Stay Posh! Hugs!!


  1. Love the bright and cheery color scheme! The cupcakes sound amazing!

  2. Beautiful!! That backdrop is awesome and love all the colorful lollipops!! Great job!

  3. The colors are amazing! Your hard work paid off big time!

  4. Brigitte, What a fun party! Your backdrop is amazing! Love all the color.

  5. Thank you so much!! It was so much fun! I am sure that the wonderful reaction to the backdrop will definitely help my mother-in-law recover from taking that project on! hehe

  6. What a fun and colorful party!

  7. Fantastic job putting this together :)I love your lollipop collection, I'm sure kids were trying to taste them :). And colorful circles are truly brilliant for kids party,ever girl or boy.

  8. Great job Brigette - I really love that backdrop!

  9. You did a great job! That looks like one happy birthday girl!

  10. Beautiful party and birthday girl ... great job Brigitte!

  11. Great work!!! Those giant lollipops and the backdrop are amazing...and cheap!!!


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