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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cotton Candy Cake Pops

Yes, I did something horrible!! This planning of the candy land party had made me go mad. I now have a...COTTON CANDY MAKER!!! AHHHH! Not only that, but it is not just any cotton candy maker...oh no it is not...It can make cotton candy out of hard candies! So I can make Chocolate, Caramel, and Coffee cotton candies! You want to know something even funnier? I don't even like cotton candy! (I know, my blog following has just cut in half with that statement) But, something about chocolate cotton candy and I may be made a believer. But seriously, what is a candy land party without cotton candy!? Hmm? Ok...

So needless to say, I have been playing with my Nostalgia Electronics Cotton Candy Maker (Oh, it works with sugarfree candy as well!) and I have been trying all sorts of things out. From making my own paper cones to of course using what I have like the paper straws I recently used for the gliders! Yet another great use for them!

Then I put the cake pops that I was working with into the darn thing and look at what I got! Oh yes, cotton candy cake pops! Soooo happy! So stinkn cute! I also discovered something new. The cake pop stands are little funnels! I got a ton of them with this sand art kit for my daughter so now I have a use for them!
Overall a good day if you ask me!

Well, I shall continue play around with things!
In the meantime, stay inspired and stay posh!!



  1. Your cotton candy came out beautifully! Happy to be a new follower. u can follow new back at http://thelittlelilypad.blogspot.com

  2. Hi I am planning my daughters 3rd birthday and I was wondering if you used toothpicks or what is the little wooden rod you used to attach the cotton candy? These are adorable and not to much for the kids to get super hyper after so much sugar intake!


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