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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Freebie Printable - Straw Glider

What do you get when you have two preschoolers, a biologist, a GM exec, a lawyer, and a graphic designer at a Halloween party at a science center making a paper plane with a straw? A bunch of adults acting like little kids throwing planes at one another while the preschoolers stare at them wondering what is wrong with them and then ultimately a free printable designed to share with everyone in time for Valentine's day...whew! That was a mouthful!
So in my quest to become a rock star mom, I took on planning Yanna's preschool Valentine's day party. My hubby outright said that I didn't have enough time to Mrs. Davis and I kicked him under the table and said that I would love to:-) But planning became a little more complicated than anticipated since I tend to sometimes make things rather complex and I had to think more in line with a 3-4 year-old. Plus so many projects for Valentine's day is geared to girls. The other day my package from ThinkGarnish.com arrived for the Candy Land Party that I am planning for later this month and right on top were the paper straws that I ordered. I then remembered this project that I did at the science center! It is normally made with two loops, but I tried to make it more "valentinesy" (yes, that is a word!) by trying to do a heart shape in the back and it worked!! You have got to try this at home with your little one, or gee, do it even if you don't have a little one!

Start out with downloading the Straw Glider Printable Template from my shop for FREE! I have instructions on the sheets now as well.
You will need:
 - Straw Glider Printable Template
 - Straw (I love the paper ones)
 - Scissors
 - Tape

Cut out the strips. You can cut these down as well and try out different sized loops. The big loops tend to glide the easiest while the smaller loops tend to go faster.

The the circular version tape strips to each end of the straw. Roll the paper around, overlap edges and tape. Done!

For the heart shape, fold the long strip in the middle and tape the straw to the middle. Curl the top around to form a heart shape and tape together. Add your front loop to the straw and Done!!

Hold it like a regular paper plane and throw! I mean, how easy was that! You will be pleasently surprised at how well these things fly! I think that this is going to work out well for one of the projects! I hope that you enjoy them too!
As always, Stay Inspired and Stay Posh!


  1. Such a cute idea Brigittte!
    Love you site too:)

  2. My kids are adults and they would get a kick out of these!

  3. I love this idea...so simple and fun!!!

  4. Brigitte- that is so cute! What a great idea- my son loves paper airplanes, and so I can't wait to do this with him! Thank you!

  5. oh my ... my kids will love making these! Thanks for the fun and easy DIY!!!

  6. Thank you so much! Seriously, they are ridiculously fun! We are still throwing the ones that have survived the 9 month-old around.


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