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Friday, August 5, 2011

Be Inspired: DIY T-Shirt Makeovers

I really need more hours in the day. So many things to make so little time. I love these DIY T-shirt makeovers!
You can do more with a t-shirt than just turn them into rags when you get a hole and now you have an excuse to stockpile t-shirts when you find a great sale! From beautiful and expensive looking ruffled shirts to scarves, to even underwear?! Who knew!
Beautiful Tutorial Via JaynSarah

 I love Tea Rose Home Blog! Beautiful tutorials on how to make shirts like this.

 Christmas gifts? Via Mamma says Sew

 Via Pininterest Tutorial on Analog Me

Ok, This is crazy! But hey, why not!? Great first sewing project if you ask me. Why? well if they are ugly, who will know? That being said, if they turn out great, will you show them off? If so, you didn't get this idea from me:-) Check out the tutorial on Craftstylish.com


  1. I love the shirts here! I can't believe they're DIY! I have had many DIY projects gone wrong, but this seems promising!

    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  2. New follower here. Amazing/inspirational/creative blog you got here!

  3. oh wow this so cool!! I love it, on my to do list for sure!

  4. oh how I wish I could sew!!

    Your marriage tip and a link to your blog will be up tomorrow morning at 9am on my post! Check it out... www.believingboldly.com

  5. What a fun project! I'm going to see if my daughter wants to try it with me! www.texskiss.blogspot.com


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