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Monday, August 15, 2011

Freebie: Reward Stickers

My daughter has learned the word "No" in the biggest way. "No, I don't want to clean up my toys", "No! I don't want to take a nap!", "No! I don't want to hold your hand in the parking lot!" Siiigh. I tell you, if you have a child you probably know this all too well, if you have more than one child I have a new respect for you and please give me pointers! If you don't have kids, you probably still all of your hair and you still have some free printables you can use! We came up with a deal, for every good day where she listens and picks up her toys before bed she will earn a ribbon. After she earns 5 ribbons she will get a prize. I cut them out and ran them through our Xyron sticker maker. She was super excited today to earn her first sticker and I was super excited that she was more cooperative! We will see what will happen the next few days since as Yanna said "5 DAYS!? That is a LOONG Time!" You too can reward those you are proud of with these fun stickers. Great for teachers too!! Enjoy!! You can find these free printables Here.


  1. Adorable! I'll have to remember these when my fiances daughter gets into her terrible twos. :)

  2. I'm your newest follower from Blog Frog! Very nice blog you have :) I teach (and also raised 2 children of my own), so rewarding for positive behaviors is common place for me. I love your ribbon idea and I'm sure your little one feels special every time she's presented with one. What a sweet mommy you are!


  3. That's a creative idea for an age-old problem. Good for you and I hope it continues to work for a while! :-)

  4. New follower from blogfrog. Happy to find you. Loving this ribbon idea. Mine are now 17 and 22, both officially university students now. So weird. Keep up the great work and enjoy every moment.

  5. These are great! I also found some super praise stickers on the Great Little Rewards site. The kids loved them and other bits and pieces available on that site too.

  6. Idea stored in my brain for the future toddler years. Am I sure I want more than one now? Haha.

    Great idea!


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