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Friday, August 12, 2011

Inspiration: Martha Stewart Chocolate Cookie Icebox Cake

Martha Stewart and her team are always amazing to me. What a great idea for a cake! If you have weeks like I do, especially like the one I had this week! You know what it is like to want to be able to do a special desert for your family outside of a scoop of ice cream or a pudding cup (poshified: added sprinkles of course). Icebox cakes go together so quickly, you just won't have that excuse anymore and you will look like a champ when you bring something like this out. I have made icebox cakes with graham crackers and strawberries which is also delish! But, come on, chocolate chip cookies! Yes Thank you! You can find the recipe on her site Martha Stewart.com . If you are short on space in your freezer you can cut down the recipe I have also made individual icebox cakes which works great for space as well! So stop licking your screen and make it! I in the meantime will attempt to make this with every cookie I can think of! Wish my hips luck!

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