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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Posh Picnic Blueberry Picking Party

We started a tradition with my husband's family to go camping and blueberry picking each year. We spend a few days off of the Mohican River, kayaking, float trips, hiking, trying out new campfire recipes and just chilling out. This year I decided to run with the blueberry theme and see what I could come up with. To be honest, I have never been much of a blueberry fan, but after all of the recipes that I found and played with, I am in love! I have already shared the blueberry muffin and the scrumptious blueberry buckle on here. I also made blueberry bars, blueberry vinaigrette, blueberry sauce, blueberry lemonade, blueberry turnovers, sweet and spicy blueberry caramel popcorn, and even homemade blueberry MARSHMALLOWS!! We are particularly proud of the marshmallows, can you tell?
I came up with some new printables for the occasion as well! Two new box designs: popcorn boxes, and base boxes. We also have so new labels, party picks and wraps. As we were setting up the layout the sun came and went as if it was teasing me. "I am going to rain, haha fooled you! no really, I am going to rain...HA!" So, I have never set up something as fast as this. We were able to have it photographed and enjoyed the layout for five minutes before we had to run and save what we could. The good thing was that this was some awesome food to have around as we had to wait for the torrential downpour to finish. I will be putting up some of the other recipes on here soon and the new printables will be available as well!
 Blueberry and Almond Turnovers with printable flag picks.

Blueberry Buckle and Croissant Sandwhiches

Blueberry Buckle and Blueberry Sauce 

Blueberry Marshmallow Smore kits in printable base boxes. I actually had Dave make the marshmallows since I didn't trust myself with a candy thermometer! He and Yanna had a great time making them and we all had a great time eating them. They puffed up perfectly over the fire too!!
Blueberry Lemonade. This was so yummy, plus who knew that it would make such a beautiful pink color!
Sweet and Spicy Blueberry Caramel Popcorn in printable Popcorn Boxes

Bambu plates and utensils that we used throughout the camping weekend! These worked out so well. 

All in all we had a great time. Maybe next year I will go crazy with the peach recipes!


  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous blog and look at the array of blueberry goodness!

    Thanks so much for coming by Twinfatuation today!
    LOVE your blog....and a happy new follower!

  2. Wow - you are incredibly talented!!! Love your blog and looking forward to reading more. :-)

  3. Thank you so much!:-) You are so sweet!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Haha I am very jealous. Looks delicious!

  6. what a great spread. Visiting from SITS. Love your blog and your etsy shop!!

  7. I probably gained 5lbs last weekend! Thank you so much Small Burst!


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