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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boy or Girl?

For the past week I have had a hard time focusing. We are now at 31 weeks and have been starting to get serious about preparing the house for our new addition. But the more I sorted through baby items from our daughter, the more I became aware that if we have a boy we would only have white onesies for him. Pretty much all of the sleepers and clothes we have for 0-3 are pink! Even the yellow and green clothes have frills and pink accents!  Our 18 week ultrasound he or she crossed his or her legs! We were really bummed. Our super sweet doctor told us that she would sneak in an ultrasound at our next appointment. So for the past week this was pretty much all I could think about. We had our appointment yesterday and once again, baby didn't want to show off for the world. So we STILL do not know! For a lot of rational people out there, this may not be such a big deal. But for a hormonally imbalanced pregnant woman trying to plan everything it has been quite the ordeal. So I decided that I might as well have some fun with this. Do you think that we are having a boy or a girl? Comment below. This pregnancy has been the polar opposite of my previous. I should come up with a printable set for this!


  1. Ahhh how frustrating that you WANT to find out, but baby isn't cooperating!

    I have a good friend who is being induced today or tomorrow, and they CHOSE not to find out. It made shopping for their baby shower gift soooo difficult.

    I am WAY too much of a planner/ control freak to NOT know... I can only imagine what you're going through!

    I have no guess one way or another... but I'm sure it will all work out. :)

    Here's to a healthy 9 weeks of pregnancy left!

  2. I understand how frustrating that would be for you. I always say that if I was going to have a baby I wouldn't want to know what it is. But if I DID want to know, I would want to know NOW.

  3. I'm not far enough along to even have the option of knowing, but in our case our entire family has made predictions for us. The 'moms' are in agreement that's it's a boy... which in my mind pretty much guarantees it's a girl.

    I guess the upside is that with extra ultrasounds you get extra peeks -- whether baby cooperates or not! I hope you have a healthy remainder of your pregnancy!

  4. Congratulations Kristi!!
    In some ways I am interested to see which way is better, to know or not to know. With our daughter we knew so we were calling her by her name months before she was born, reading, singing, talking to her. So when she was born it was as if we already knew her. Right now it kind of bugs me to just say "the baby" or "hi baby". Most of my family predicts that it's a boy since the pregnancy has been so different. My mother wants to get a scout outfit for a boy since my husband was an Eagle scout, a good friend of ours wants to get a boy a sailor outfit since my father is a captain. I am sure my daughter will want to dress the baby in a tutu no matter what the gender! LOL! But I am quite the planner and control freak myself so this does throw me off balance a bit.

  5. I am finding out the gender tomorrow...I guess I am hoping we find out the gender. My daughter had her legs closed for 2 of our U/S and we finally paid for a 3D to find out gender.

    My guess is you are having a girl!

  6. Little one is keeping you on your toes already! The anticipation must be building as you are getting closer! I am following you through BlogFrog! Check out my blog as well!

  7. Congratulations on the addition to your family :) That's so exciting!


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