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Monday, February 21, 2011

Just for the fun of it

While our weather has taken a 180 degree turn from out beautiful weather from last week, we have gotten creative on some extra projects at home to keep our daughter occupied. My daughter was running around the living room and wanted daddy to play with her green light, red light. But in our haste to make our house in-law proof, she was bummed when she was told that it had to wait. So I brought her to my desk and we designed our own stop light. In the end it worked out pretty nicely. She got to feel like she went to work with mommy and she had a new toy to play with. Later when I told her to show her stop light to grandma and grandpa she said that she didn't know where it was, "That's ok grandpa, Mommy can make a new one!" riiiight...:-)

So I figured for all of you that may be snowed in tomorrow with little ones, this may be a fun project/game for you! And hey, even if you are in a nice, warm, sunny location, this could still be fun! Enjoy!
Click on one of the pictures or on the link below to download the template:

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